Email Marketing Quick Tips: Email Content Tips

M: Hey, I’m Monica. O: And I’m Olivia. Welcome to AWeber Quick
Tips. M: Do you ever wonder if you’re sending
the right content to your readers? Today we’ll go over the different types of emails you
can send to subscribers. This way, you’ll know how to match the right type of content
with the right email in Email Content Tips. O: Email #1: Your welcome email. M: Your welcome email is the first message
new subscribers get after they sign up for your list. Briefly remind readers what you’ll
be sending them and how often they can expect to hear from you. O: You should also provide simple whitelisting
instructions and let readers know how they can contact you. And don’t forget to include
the incentive if you offered one in your sign up form! M: Email #2: A follow up series. O: A follow up series is an entire series
of emails that you schedule ahead of time for your new subscribers. M: The content of your follow up emails should
be evergreen – meaning that you can send it to any new subscriber at any time of the year. O: Some topics that make for great follow
up emails include: FAQs about your business, a list of ways your products or services can
save money, customer case studies, a survey asking for feedback or a step-by-step guide
to using one of your products. M: Email #3: A broadcast. O: Unlike follow ups, broadcasts are one-time
emails with time-sensitive information – think seasonal sales and weekly newsletters. M: Broadcast emails are perfect for drumming
up excitement for new products or services. Use them to promote limited-time coupon offers,
sales and company news. O: And that’s it for today. Looking for
more content ideas for your emails? Check out our blog/sign up for our blog newsletter! M: Thanks for joining us and stay tuned for
the next AWeber Quick Tips!

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