Email Marketing Tips: Dedicated vs Shared IP

Hi my name is Kyle Beldoch, I’m a Customer
Success Manager and Deliverability Specialist here at Mailjet. One thing to consider when determining your
email strategy is whether you’re going to use a Dedicated IP or a Shared IP pool. What that means is a Dedicated IP address
is where you’re the only one sending from that IP and you own that sender reputation. If you’re on our Shared IP pools, you’re sharing
your reputation with a ton of other Mailjet clients so if it’s something that you can’t
manage on your own, you’ll be built up by our greater Mailjet sending pool. When you’re considering a Dedicated or a Shared
IP sender reputation, you’re going to want to take your whole email program into consideration. A) Am I sending enough volume for ISPs to
see my Dedicated IP everyday? If I’m only sending 10, 20, 100, 1000 messages
a day, I probably can’t maintain a Dedicated IP reputation. I really have to think about my cadence. If I’m only sending once/month or I can’t
really plan an email strategy, I send them more ad-hoc, I probably want to be on a shared
pool because I can’t maintain a Dedicated IP reputation. The benefit of working with Mailjet is we
give you the flexibility to either send from a Dedicated IP or our strong Shared IP pools. We’ll work with you one-on-one to make sure
we’re setting you up for success in the email world.

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