From Indonesia to KPMG, Curtin Singapore Commerce graduate Jessica

[Indonesian] I’m currently working in KPMG. If you guys see that building, it’s just behind the ANZ building. KPMG is one of the big four. So
it’s an audit firm, but in Singapore I think KPMG is one of the biggest in terms of audit
advisory work. Singapore is a very good place for work. They
have most of the major banks and a very good finance sector. Actually, the first time my dad wants me to
go to the US to study, as my brother is staying there and studying there as well. But, my mum didn’t
allow me to go there, as it was very, very far away from home. Curtin Singapore actually gives you a short
cut to graduate earlier than other universities. For my case I can graduate in two years with
a Bachelor degree. I actually recommended Curtin Singapore to
my sister, and she’s currently studying at Curtin Singapore as well. She’s doing Marketing
and Advertising. I have a really good time at Curtin Singapore,
it’s one of the best experiences in my life.

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