21 thoughts on “How to Get 7 Times More Twitter Traffic | Twitter Marketing Tips

  1. What is the scope of jobs in digital marketing in future. I'm noticing that many students are heading towards digital marketing taking it as a career. Will there be enough jobs for everyone??

  2. That's crazy, Neil. I also recently tested this out. I usually only posted 1-3 times every day then I decided to try posting 15-25 times per day. The result was crazy even though I didn't write them down. Because I don't really focus on traffic from twitter, I only measured engagement. Engagements were up by more than double (@Replies). Btw, I don't usually focus on traffic because I don't have blog content (yet) + socialbakers found that increasing interactions on social media correlates to an increase in website traffic. Thanks for the video too.

  3. Neil bro, I'm a newbie. I have Twitter account with 12 followers. How to increase the followers count ? Can you explain bro. [beginner guide]

  4. How do I avoid spamming when tweeting 40 times a day? (And when you mention visitors, do you mean engagement on your tweets?)

  5. When i check tweets of a popular person, it’s usually like 120 tweets / 300 tweets / 420 tweets in the past 1 hour. I am sure that these people are not manually typing all these tweets. I wonder though,
    1. What mechanism have they approached to tweet hundreds of tweets per hour?
    2. And Do they copy paste the older tweets to increase tweet count?
    Thanks if someone could please answer

  6. Hello,

    Amazing Video.

    What other tips have you got?

    Right now I am looking at other good tip videos


    Have a great week

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