1. Great vid as always brother! I'd wanna see a breakdown of the Youtube strategy you used to do the 18k in 18 days. Snap I'd pay for that if you released a strategy!

  2. great video jason! 🙂 how do we target real estate agents on facebook though ever since facebook took away the job titles targeting last year? thankyou again

  3. In your FB ads rather than your CTA be book a call, do you ever just try to have them check out for 1 month of service as a trial?

    Would that not be a good idea?

  4. Hey Jason are most of the real estate firms that are really successfuly with high ticket properties more ontop of their lead genereation and dont need your services vs the little begginer estate agent who is new to things?

  5. Hi Jason, why would an agent hire a digital agency if you already have all the templates and a product that allows them to do it all by them selves? I'm starting an agency that's targeted at agents and investors so I was just curious. I've learned a lot from your content! Thanks!

  6. is there other marketing strategies other than fb ads for realtors? Every realtor I have tried to pitch my service to gets scared of FB ads. Im guessing because most don't do it right and end up loosing money!

  7. Hi can u make video on Facebook analyse data how read the Data in simple maths so any beginner can understand try to make for affiliate and eCommerce purpose

  8. Jason 'Epic Value' Wardrop has the knack to explain the complicated into a paint-by-the-numbers approach that I bet Helen Keller could make sense of. No disrespect to Helen, but Jason is the man when it comes to rocking real estate FB ad$ & his video tutorials are nothing short of top shelf. Good stuff as usual JW

  9. Hey Jason, good video. You mentioned before starting these ads, you should do organic, free methods of getting clients. If I’m marketing for a business that have been established for a while, this wouldn’t matter right?

  10. Hi Jason. I would definitely love to talk to you. I am looking for some clients for my new agency here in the Philippines. I really need your help and advice badly. Please let me know how to get in touch with you.

  11. For my marketing agency for real estate agents I have a free training video > the consultation >than a video about my services …so they can buy now and when the call comes we can help them sort things out that way? Is this a good idea or should I not have my services after they schedule a call ?

  12. So i'm trying to run a similar ad like the ones you have showed, but everytime I try to run it, it says that my ad needs to be in the special ads category. I have contacted support several times, but they just agree with what the Facebook AI is saying. Have you encountered the same issue? If I run the ads in the special category, I can't target realtors as a job only as an interest which is like 50million people. Please help me.

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