How To Stop Click Bots | Clickfraud Detection on Google Adwords

I’m Igor Soshkin,
co-founder of TEA Software. And I’ll tell you what
TEA Software does, but first I’ll tell
you a story behind it. So when we first
started TEA Software, one of my customers from
our Shopping Cart Elite e-commerce division
bought a million visitors for a thousand dollars,
sent them to his website, and ended up getting
a huge bandwidth bill. So he called us
complaining, saying, I have this huge bandwidth bill. I can’t afford it. Can you cancel it? It was my fault, and so on. And I said, well, tell me
about it, what you did. And he showed me
where he bought it. And I said, let’s look
at your Google Analytics. Let’s see what Google
Analytics is showing you. Is this real people or not? So we look at Google
Analytics, and it shows that it’s fully legit. No bounce rate, there
is time on site. I mean, it looks
like legit visitors. But nobody bought anything. So you had a million
visitors come in, spend time on your website,
and bought nothing. So I said, if these
are legit visitors, let’s see if we can make
money some other way with this website. And I said, let’s sign
up for Google AdSense. So we put these ads on. We buy another million
visitors to the website. And this thing just explodes. It starts making
$1,000, $2,000 per day from Google from the ads
while he only paid a thousand dollars for all that traffic. And this is back in 2011. So first, I said, you’re not
going to make money with this. They’re going to shut it down. A month goes by. He calls me up. But he’s like, you’re
not going to believe it. I just got a $120,000
check in the mail. And I deposited it, and
it’s in my bank account. And I said, you’ve
got to be kidding me. [LAUGHS] I can’t believe
this is happening. So long story short, it was
going on for about nine months. He did get paid
for those months. And during that
time, we were trying to figure out how can we
detect this kind of traffic and tell that it’s fraud. TEA Software was
actually developed to solve that
particular problem.

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