46 thoughts on “How to use Dynamic Facebook URL Parameters to tag your campaigns

  1. I have lots of campaigns in facebook and ad sets and you just make my job easier. Thank you Julian! It s so easy to implement.

  2. How can I apply this when I want to track the campaign source for each transaction transaction?

    Let's say someone clicks on my ad but does not buy immediately in the shop. But 1 week later he visits the shop directly and buys…

    Which attribution model do I have to use to track which of my fb campaigs generated that sale?

  3. Does fb delete dynamic URL parameters? I can't see it when I click on FB Dynamic Parameters links in your description.

  4. Hello Julian, can I ask you a question? This works only to track the button clics, or works to track the overall links in the ad? I mean, I always put a link in the copy (shortened) and the main one with the UTM's in the button, I wonder that if I put the URL Parameters with this method I don't need to shorten the big link and put it in the copy manually.

    Thanks for reading, good content mate

  5. Facebook removed the url template page, and also i use the template today in the utm sections, it is not working. It is not officially supported.

  6. Hi Julian, love your vidoes! Question: Do you have a way to track what initial fb ad a customer came through if they were converted through a retargeting fb ad with UTM? And how/where you would view this in GA?

  7. Can you share the link to that page of FB help where this is mentioned? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

  8. It's unclear if the dynamic values are still supported. In my ad accounts I don't have the url builder yet

  9. Looks like facebook stopped dynamic parameters. The page doesn't mention it anymore. https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1016122818401732

    Maybe we need to get a minimum budget and/or have a facebook account manager ?

    "Dynamic parameters aren't available at this time. Your URL will still work, but parameter values won't be replaced at ad delivery."

  10. I dont understand. How is the correct way to setting up the UTM parameters if facebook removed the support to the template you mention?

  11. Hello Julian!

    I have a quick question that I cannot seem to find the answer for. I have installed the Dynamic UTM parameters in my ads and I can see them in real time just like in your video.

    But when it comes to reporting, I choose the "Keyword" as a secondary dimension and it tells me it is not set.

    Could this be because I have added the dynamic utm parameter on the ads that were already running?

    Thank you,

  12. Great video. Quick question. So I'm using an existing post and using URL parameters for each adset but not seeing them under traffic sources as I specified. IG timeline only placement. Do you know why this could be?

  13. Hello Julian, thanks for the video is really helpful. I have a question that maybe you can help me out. I have set up everything as you have for the UTM on the FB Ad manager but when I go to my GA on realtime (just like you do in the video) to make sure everything transfers correctly, my GA only shows Source, Medium, Campaign but no Keyword and when I pull the report some of the keywords show as (not set). Would you know why could it be and if so, a way to be able to fix it? thanks

  14. Does anyone else get an error that says "Dynamic parameters aren't available at this time. Your URL will still work, but parameter values won't be replaced at ad delivery." when they try to do this? Sorry if he said it in the video and I just missed it being so excited!

  15. Hi would´t you say it makes a bit more sense to put {{adset.name}} as campaign term and {{ad.name}} as campaign content? an ad is more content than an audience is.
    thx for the good content btw 😉

  16. Great video! Do you know how can we shorten these dynamic URL parameters without losing our data? Bitly can not support them.

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