How To Use Pinterest To Increase Traffic To Your Site | Pin Your Blog Post On Pinterest & Stand Out

what’s up YouTube everyone watching this
video in this video I go over how to use Pinterest to increase your site traffic
if you have a blog or website or even a personal brand this is very important so
anyone in my audience that follows me definitely listen to what I have to say
this is very important Pinterest is becoming one of those silent killers
when it comes to generating traffic I’m seeing I’m in testing things out so
definitely I wanted to go over this stuff and also I also made another video
a while ago on the 10 best traffic free website traffic sources so I’ll leave
that down below in the description as well because that’s also a great piece
of content and information for anyone that’s building a business building a
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how to increase some traffic to your website by using Pinterest okay so I’m
over here on Pinterest and when you’re on Pinterest and you’re logged into your
account you could pretty much just search anything right here if you’re new
to Pinterest there’s other videos out there tutorials on how to use Pinterest
it’s pretty simple to use once you start using it more and more just like
anything else but this is pretty much the search so if we just search fitness
we’re gonna have these pins pop up under fitness we’ll do fitness training now
the one thing I’m going to point out here first is the size of the pins now
many people just throw up images from their blog and sometimes it’s not
it doesn’t fit correctly you want the pin now with the new update I believe
it’s 600 by 1250 pixels I used to also make them a thousand by 1500 pixels but
definitely 600 by 1250 pixels I feel looks right and again you play
around with this when you start editing you could also go on Fiverr and get some
really good pin boards made so for an example if you blog about a certain
topic ready for a best exercises for men and women right if you have you blogged
about best exercises for men and women you know from on your blog you can then
get a board made a pin that looks like this the 25 best exercise from for men
to build muscle and you notice how they did it and they designed it so that it
kind of is like a teaser it shows you some fat loss exercise graphically
that’s what you want to do you want you want to and different niches Pinterest
is better for right obviously gardening and home decor that type of stuff people
love Pinterest they get ideas so you want to make I feel an infographic
sometimes to really give people information and I always call it teaser
information and then if they want more see they would go over to gym guider and
if I click on this that’s gonna link back this is what’s gonna get him
traffic over to the real 25x exercises men and women to build muscle and love
all this information right here videos write this blog post is obviously much
more detailed than the pinboard but what’s great about the pinboard is
it’s giving you teaser information and you want to use Pinterest and your pins
to actually give almost teaser information your and that’s in your
title you’re going to be able to write a title and also a description your
description the first 50 I think it is character show so make sure you’re using
the right type of teaser information here as well in case they look down and
they read you know you could put here learn the top 25 exercises and the three
exercises to avoid click up above you know or something like that in the
beginning you want to put stuff there so they know that they’re going to learn or
you want to make it so that they know they should avoid certain things because
you got to make them have curiosity if you give them curiosity I’m gonna be
like I’m curious what is he talking about I should avoid what three
exercises or weight I’m going to learn 25 best exercises proven by put like a
little teaser information there they’re gonna they’re going to have
curiosity and they’re gonna click that’s the whole idea is to have your title
match your blog post but use a teaser information and curiosity but still let
the graphic teach them if it’s if this is just a terrible image nobody’s gonna
care like if it was just a square image of this guy in this girl it’s not gonna
perform as well you know this is okay again because they put this little extra
graphic down here let’s find another one okay this is awesome to like look
score in six minutes look at this this is a great one we’ll open this up
favorite abdominal exercises right you know how he puts like thirty knee
crunches he shows the targeted area how to do them 20 leg raises and now he’s
not showing exactly this isn’t video right and he’s not explaining in detail
but it’s still a beautiful graphic gets you interested then it could have some
teaser text right here nice and moji see how he has this information it’s teaser
text if they want the more detailed information they gotta click this link
so that they could get the favorite abdominal exercises over to here and you
see now they’re getting more into more exercises to probably break it down and
text more I would have added some video you see how it’s much more detailed they
have more text and here’s one of the infographics again this is called an
infographic when it’s that nice long graphic that sits and looks really nice
on Pinterest just like this catches your eye shows you some information gives you
like almost a little bit of training within the graphics but to get the
overall real information the breakdown and everything and again I would always
add video you could get them to click on to your blog and that’s what’s going to
get people to click and send traffic now I’m bringing that part of it up so that
you know to treat Pinterest with quality you don’t just want to whatever you post
on your blog that blog graphic if it’s let’s say 720 by 1200 or if it’s yo
YouTube thumbnail it’s not going to look great on Pinterest Pinterest has a
different layout you need to make the right type of content the native content
that works for Pinterest so you want to get this created and again you
get these created for cheap on or if you just watch them
tutorials and you know how to use Photoshop or canva I have a tutorial in
canva I’ll link it up below right now can what you can make these graphics
yourself and you can upload them on Pinterest yourself so that’s pretty much
going over how you want your pins to be size kind of the kind of pins you want
to create so that they get real good engagement we want people repinning
that’s a whole idea you want people to repin so if you’re new to Pinterest the
whole idea is to get repin to get people sharing and obviously the better your
pins are the better your boards are the more traffic you’re gonna get the more
people are going to come over to your website now why do we also care about
this as either an influencer or someone growing a personal brand or someone
growing up a personal business or even a business even your local business or
blog or your ecommerce store in order to get people over you need to have quality
that’s number one and number two this is going to help you with your search
engine optimization as well because you’re getting engagement and traffic
onto your website the more we can get that number up the better it looks in
search engines like Google so we want to get traffic from social platforms and
Pinterest is a perfect way there’s a lot of people now I think it’s 250 million
people a month are engaged on Pinterest and a lot of that is becoming actually
younger demographics believe it or not is actually also younger men starting to
get engaged on it so it’s a perfect platform to start putting your blogs and
generating traffic over to your website definitely so what I just jumped into is
analytics which is right up here to the left to see how many monthly viewers are
coming to our Pinterest page you know and this is actually decreasing which
isn’t good because you know what I’ll tell you on this account in particular
we’re not active all the time the more active you are too the better you’re
gonna have better engagement also age this does have some decent age but it
could be way better optimized as far as being way more consistent just like
anything you’ll hear me talk about this too this is just an account that I test
things on for of mine but you want to be consistent
you want to put a lot of work in and be consistent on this especially for
certain niches if you have a blog on certain topics you should definitely be
using Pinterest regardless but you’re also going to see like if you have a
blog in the gardening or do-it-yourself type of space or home decor or anything
like that where you can really make these
beautiful pins and make int really great infographics and teaser content and then
send it over your blog you’re really going to see it get repinned
again think about what you’re doing when you’re on Pinterest if you’re on
Pinterest what are you looking at what are you gonna repent it’s the the
quality of the posts and the image of that pin right so you want quality stuff
don’t go cheap on the quality make sure you put the work in and make really good
quality stuff so this was a for April you know I did a 30 day it started to
decrease and it started going down let’s do we’re in June now let’s do it’s like
16 days let’s do the last month so you see I start dropping even more it went
up a little bit viewers engaged so again we want to get this number
way higher than this and the only way that’s gonna happen is consistency the
another thing we’re doing too is every now and then because again remember my
goal here is to get traffic to the website and blog so what I’ll do is I’ll
put a little ad spend on every time I blog on the blog I’ll go I’ll get an
infographic or an image made I will post it on the Pinterest page and then I’ll
boost that almost like what you could do on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube
you could do that on Pinterest as well I put a little money behind it let’s say
25 30 40 bucks depending on the client’s budget or my
budget on the project we’ll just boost every single blog post that we’re
dripping out one or two a week whatever and we put a little money behind it just
to get even more traction and we target the keywords in the back end and again
the ads if you wanted to run ads are right up here you just go to create an
ad I don’t want to create an ad and open up this whole back end because he has
some things running and I don’t want to show that right now once you make your
pins they look good they’re linked they have your teaser text it all makes sense
it’s linked back to your blog and your website what you could do next is boost
it like I suggested with a little boost in paid ads just to get in front of an
audience and get some traction and then what I would suggest is looking for
what’s called Group boards and I come in here some knowledge is type in group
boards or also Google this and okay the ultimate list of private pimp interest
group boards and I’ll show you what a group board is so she’s probably gonna
have this on her blog like a list yeah so ultimate lesson Pinterest Group
boards now group different group boards do-it-yourself crass home sweet home
home decor do-it-yourself like if you’re falling this niche it’s good for you
travel fashion let’s look at like this fashion group board so here’s a group
board for fashion requests to join this is how you would join this group board
and if you have a blog that falls on to fashion and you have a fashion blog or
maybe anything that has to do with fashion and you feel it’s relevant you
could actually come over here request to join and then add your pins in here and
again this is what I’m talking about quality the more you can stand out you
know the better you’re going to get more repin x’ and more clicks but what’s
great about these type of group boards a lot of them are getting some traffic and
you could look at that like what I could do now is if I wanted to I could login
to an app called tailwind app and it will show me the stats of this group
board do they get a lot of traffic do they get a lot of repin x’ and then it
gives me a quality score that the higher the score and lets me know if this is a
good group board to join and then put relevant pins in and then I’m gonna end
up getting more traffic and what does that do the more repinned you get the
more engagement you’re getting not only the better for your traffic to your blog
but usually these group boards some of them set rules where if you’re involved
in it you should be repenting other people’s boards and in return they reap
in you know look they got forty seven thousand pins five five over five
thousand followers not too bad not the biggest I’ve ever seen
but not bad to get a pin in here and if people in this group are going to
support and help repin it spikes the pincers algorithm you know we don’t know
exactly how it works the pinchers algorithm but we know that in this
search bar just like other things like Instagram like YouTube like Google right
you want to optimize and get found in the search right right if you were in
fashion and someone typed in fashion imagine you started being found on the
fashion you know much traffic you’re gonna get now you’re becoming the
popular person and generating all traffic and then of course they click on
it and guess what where is it linked to your website or your blog so that’s the
idea is to keep getting shares to keep getting repin to keep getting followers
and the way to do that is again I like to start off by blogging getting an
infographic or a nice graphic that fits Pinterest layout created that it stands
out then I’ll boost that Pinterest post with some advertisement spend behind it
to get some traction by targeting the right keywords and people on Pinterest
what you do in the end your ad account and then I’ll go look for group boards
that are relevant so for this one that fashion one would be relevant if this
was my pin what would I do I would try to join that group that I showed you get
this pin into that group and then hopefully other people repent it it gets
fought it gets some traction and then it starts popping up in the search for
other words maybe men’s fashion or cool sweater outfits right cool sweater
outfits and I would also try to get these keywords in that makes sense with
your fashion instead of always just using fashion fashion make sure it makes
sense with your image and it makes sense with a blog post that it’s linking back
to this makes sense because five cool sweater outfits for men I’d show this
and then maybe I could this guy could have put maybe two more right here and
kind of blurred them out and say go check these other two out on our blog
something like that I’m just giving you an idea any way you think can be a
teaser to get them to click on your blog to go read sometimes this is enough
because five cool sweater outfits for men and they’re only showing us one it’s
a nice image though then maybe in the description it could have left some
teaser text so that we click on this and now we’re gonna go look at all five
and I guarantee they show all five five cool sweater outfits for men here we go
here’s one here’s two here’s three four five so we got to see all five again how
they did that so that’s what I just wanted to show you
that’s how to get more traffic on Pinterest and being consistent every
time you blog or any time you put content on your website you want to go
over to Pinterest create a graphic that fits Pinterest is layout put the right
teaser text around it and make the image quality every now and then I would
definitely suggest making an infographic for your niche that educates people even
in a teaser way and then the rest of the information could be in your blog post
for them to learn so here’s another group that people could join it says
post any blog I found this by going to Google and looking for group Pinterest
boards and I found this on someone’s blog but they linked it back to here and
I found this post any blog food do-it-yourself travel lifestyle and
others want to join the board here are the rules ready a lot of them will have
rules like this make sure you follow me on Pinterest and drop a message your
Pinterest email address there when ever you post a blog make sure you repin at
least 3 blogs from the board this is how they’re leveraging the group so everyone
is repenting each other and we’re using that so that the groups of reap ends are
helping you rank higher in the search get better engagement and get more
traffic I hope that makes sense so that’s a trick that once you get a good
pin board though the better the pin board and it stands out the better that
you’re gonna do even in that group more people gonna reap in you and even
naturally and then if you do get found in the search you want it to stand out
again so you get even more engagement the more you’re doing that the more you
consistently do that the better off you’re going to be in the long run to
where you’re building authority of your Pinterest account and you’re gonna get
tons of traffic back to your website and blog so there it is
that’s how I’ve been using Pinterest I’m still testing things out so I might
update some things definitely leave some chins down below some comments if you
like this if you know anyone else with a business please share this video
definitely share this with them let them see this and also check out my ten free
website traffic sources down below that video got some great information and
content in there I put a lot of time into that video as well but this will
definitely increase some traffic and I also believe Pinterest is becoming one
of those bigger social platforms if you use it correctly so I hope that helps
again like it share it if you like business information subscribe down
below and I’ll see you in the next video

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